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Content Ideation & Direction
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Producer / Project Manager
Social Media / Communication
Attention to Detail / Multitasking
I am seasoned, but young at heart and always seeking inspiration in the now. My expertise in content ideation, strategy and execution can be leveraged to drive awareness, build brand equity, and help YOU achieve your goals. Ask me how...

Work Samples

Online + Print + Video

Golf Cart Confessions


Insomniac Illustrated Vol 2: Nocturnal Wonderland


The Insomniac: EDC Las Vegas 2014


The Insomniac: EDC Las Vegas 2015


Insomniac Illustrated Vol 1: EDC Las Vegas


Escape: Psycho Circus


BPM Magazine



What they say…

I've worked professionally with and for Rob Simas for the greater portion of 20 years, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say he's the most creative, dedicated, and "company-first" person I've worked with. He's a well of ideas, always comes to the office with a positive attitude, and still has the chops to effectively manage a team and keep them on task and on budget. Often times people who have spent a surplus of time in the entertainment industry get fairly jaded and their creative ideas get diluted. Rob is the exception. He stays atop trends, knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing content to an audience, but never lets his expertise or tenure get in the way of exploring a new idea.

Rich Thomas
Vice President, Culture & Content

I had the pleasure of working with Rob while we were both at Overamerica Media & Marketing and was able to follow his work after he went on to co-found Lost In A Supermarket. I always admired his creativity, his ability to multi-task, and his dedication to his work. Rob has always had his finger on the pulse of what's new and cutting edge. Whether it be music or design or art, he has impeccable taste and a vast knowledge of all things culturally relevant. He also has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit that I'm sure has been inspirational to many. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with him and would gladly work with him again someday.

Noël Yerington
Senior Director, Brand Partnerships

I've interacted with Rob Simas throughout my career, and without exception, he was the guy with the better idea, the more dialed in notion, and the idea that both widened your eyes in inspiration, and made you frown that you didn't think of it yourself. As a marketer, as a promotion director, as a music supervisor, as an editor and creative director. If there was any way that I could afford him to run or consult for my organization, I would. I am happy to be contacted at any time to discuss my experience with captain Simas further.

Dennis White
2018 Grammy Award winning Music Producer and Composer

Rob Simas is one of the few guys out there that is constantly perched on the (pop)cultural zeitgeist before many even realize that it's happening. To say he is constantly ahead of the curve is an understatement, he is there when the line is curving. Rob was a founding member of BPM Magazine and from day one was one of the hardest working guys I've ever worked with, from a small shoebox of an office in San Diego to the company that became Overamerica Media Group, he was constantly innovating and pushing the editorial envelope. If you are looking for someone with a leg up and a keen understanding of how underground becomes overground, especially in musical trends, Rob Simas is your man.

David Ireland
President at Magnetic Agency Group


A Life Flâneur…

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.